These young adults came from all across the country, from various colleges and fields of study, but their common ground was their desire to begin their careers with intentionality and discipline, taking the time to discern God’s call on their lives so they could become great leaders –in their careers, communities, families, and churches. They graduated from the program formed in habits of reconciliation, mentoring, service to the poor and Church, ongoing spiritual growth, and worship leadership.

2019-2020 Fellows

Alexis Antonucci, Elizabeth Aucoin, Olivia Costanza, Sabrina Cuadra, Josiah Herman, and Idara Udo

2018-2019 Fellows

Rachel Burgess, Caroline Clark, Jordan Gundersen, Abby Leake, Brittany Naumann, and Michelle Ribble

2017-2018 Fellows

Eddie Adesodun, Lexi Allman, Megan Baak, Lauren Hanna, Jeanne Oord, Krista Powell, Allison Reimschussel, Skylar Ricard, and Nikki Scott

2016-2017 Fellows

Kaitlyn Carter, Helen Cumbee Corey, Kristen Gunn, Meredith Johnson, Jordan Jowers, Liz McQuaid, and Ellen Phillips

2015-2016 Fellows

Justin Groth, Jayna Hembree, Kate McDowell, Matthew Pepper, Julia Powers, and James Wright

2013-2014 Fellows

Laura Fredericks, Shea Gililland, Emily May, Ryan Pollack and Brian Wiese